Looking for information on Ford 5 Phase



I would appreciate forms, instructions or whatever on this program. I think it is part of a corrective action process. Sorry I can't be more specific but it was sprung on me and I have no other information.




Dave, I have checked the ford website and found no reference to "5 phase". Nor is it mentioned in the Q1 requirements. Could it be they are talking about 5S? That is a requirement of Q!.
Also, Ford has revised their planning requirements for the 2004 model year, but nothing is printed about a "5 phase".


Thanks Sam

This was an inquiry from one of our remote facilities so I don't have too much info. I told our plant to see if they were really looking for a 5 why. I haven't officially heard if it is resolved but I sure would if it hadn't been.

I will check into 5S as it is quite possible that is what it was.

Thanks for the help.



5 S

Hi, about 5 S, into Q1 requirements mentions 5 s, and for corrective actions, Ford normally requires Global 8 D


"5 -Phase" is GM's format for supplier corrective action

Dear Sam , perhaps they are referring to Ford's 8D? The "5 -Phase" is GM's format for supplier corrective action- a truncated 8D format that has a more severe focus on containment actions and verification of corrective action....I've heard a lot of people use the term "5-Phase ' interchangeably with 8D , espoecially by people who work with both formats... guess "5-Phase sounds cooler"!!

Warranty_Guy - 2012

5 phase PPAP

That is the online ppap from Ford. You can find it on the FPN

yapijingo - 2008

some of you are wrong

5phase just similare as 8D. Attchment for you refer


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Mark Paul

Ford 4 phase PPAP

If you have access to Covisint, go to the Ford training site. They have a video and ppt presentation of the FORD 4 Phase PPAP system complete with forms required to comply.
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