Looking for PPAP (APQP) type software for our company


Mark Mc

I'm new to the forum and apologize if this question has been asked before.

I am looking for PPAP (APQP) type software for our company. Our current method for documentation makes it vary difficult to cross reference documents. I have seen the demos for Power Way, ISI (MPACT) and Omnex. Any of these packages appear capable of doing the job , but I would like some feed back from anyone who has used (or know of companies who have used) these (or other) software packages.

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I also might suggest you use the SEARCH function the forum has built in to look for old posts. And there is an 'Old Forum' you can search with PLENTY of info (it old and slow, however).

But - the bottom line is:

It's not a crime to ask something that's already been asked. We can handle it!


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I have heard (and a few years ago saw) bad things about PowerWay. But - they could have 'changed for the better' since then.

No matter which you choose, get some sort of money-back guarantee and/or make them set it up and run it on your current hardware before you buy it. My experience with Powerway some years ago was a client bought it after a sales person demo'ed it on a PC the sales person brought with him. When they went to set it up, they found that none of their PCs had enough memory, some had processors too slow to make it worth while (took forever loading stuff, etc.). AND - they said how easy it was to import existing documentation (ha ha ha!). The whole experience was a total disaster. Powerway said, "Tough". Want to talk about hiring a temp for a month to "Cut and Paste" a bit at a time. Formatting was rigid. Well, my experience a few years ago with PowerWay.

Mark Mc

Thanks for your help. This is a fantasic forum for quality related info!

Our assemssment audit (QS-9000) is scheduled for June 99' and I will be checking the forum regularly for ideas/info.


Hi there!
Does anyone know any program, excell base to run FMEA, control plan and flowchart??
I hear that there are excell with macros that can facilitate the time consuming and the the document trazability, for arrounds 100 bucks.
I had a look some of the program suggested in this page, and there are far more complex and expensive that the idea that I got in mind.
I really appreciate any feedback. Cheers!!
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