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Looking for Tips on finding an IATF consultant

Hi all.
My company is looking to hire an IATF consultant next calendar year to assist us in achieving IATF certification.
We have a lot of the backbone built, some based on ISO 9001:2015 and some based on TS 16949, but we've never fully transitioned to IATF, and we haven't been required to have this certification. But we are expecting to require it soon, so we want to achieve this next calendar year.
Any advice for finding a suitable company to support us? I don't know where to begin.
We're in the Novi (Detroit) Michigan area, if that matters.

Howard Atkins

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I cannot recommend anyone but

Get names of previous clients and talk to them.
Make sure the consultants temperament matches that of the plant
Make sure he explains well what he is doing
Do not over document there is no need for a 79 page quality manual
Ensure all process managers are involved
Keep it simple


Captain Nice
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Also - Asking without giving some information such as location and your company size, as a minimum, is rather useless.

Sorry - I see you did give a location. Company size would be informational.
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Good Afternoon,

I am an IATF 16949 consultant in your area. Please message me if you would like to talk further about your opportunity.

Thank you,

Jim R

I am a recently certified Lead Auditor in your area as well. You can see my credentials at w w w dot jrmfgconsulting dot com or call at 734.347.6154. The site wouldn't allow me to post my link directly, apologies.
My company is more specifically interested in finding a consultant that has been involved with certification of a raw material supplier. Our company is a large vertically integrated plastics manufacturer. We are being asked to transition to the standard from our current ISO 9001:2015 certification. We are interested in making a choice for consultant early Q1 of 2020, and they will need to be able o dedicate a significant amount of time to our project. Any suggestions would be appreciated or is there a listing or matrix of consultants that can be referenced?
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