Looking to Apply for IRCA Certification Using 2nd Party Audits


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I've been doing 2nd party audits since ~2007-08, with the majority performed in the last 2 years. This is part of my current job responsibilities with my company (employer), and there is no other person in the company at this location who is a certified IRCA Lead Auditor to witness my audits.

Is it even possible to apply for IRCA certification using these audits when I haven't been observed by either a "certified IRCA Lead Auditor or an uncertified auditor or by a person of equal and demonstrable competence and standing in industry"? Or would a referral from someone in the industry suffice? :confused:

My intent is to become an IRCA-certified Lead Auditor, as I believe this certification holds more value than does an ASQ CQA certification.

TIA for any advice.



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Hi GSTough

I didn't mention the local ASQ chapters/sections sometimes have a facility to match you with an organization which needs audits... I have some good connections in the Raleigh ASQ if you need me to ask.


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Raleigh is a bit far for me to travel this time of year (too much going on! :mg:), maybe a little later in the year?

Thank you! :agree:
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