Looking to move to an electronic QMS software

Hello all. We are looking to move to an electronic QMS software for our SOPs, CAPAs, and audits but have noticed there are so many out there. Can you provide me with any recommendations?
First do a table of requirements
AC management, audits management, risk management, email notifications, document management, and so on, next, look for software on the market, and get a demo of each, after that you can take a good decision, also take Into consideration, cost of software, licensing, trainings, etc.


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Recommendations? Yep some of the best I've run across is simple old MS Office and maybe some Cloud service like Google or such

Mike S.

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Randy's experience is similar to mine. I have seen "home made" low-tech systems using MS Office programs work really well -- not fancy, just functional. And I have seen very expensive (to buy and to operate) commercial programs that almost every user hated. I can't offer advice on good commercial programs, I can say lots of people I know hate TipQA. YMMV.

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