Lot integrity - We have many paperwork problems - Wht can I do?



I have been assigned to tackle a major lot integrity problem at my facility. This is probably an attempt to bury me, but I am giving it my best shot. Here is my situation:
We produce few parts that have unique metallurgical characteristics (grain size, orientation, purity, alloy, etc.). These differences are critical and difficult to detect with the human eye.

We have many paperwork problems.

We have process steps were any attempt for identification is lost (e.g. oven, quench). Even in situations where location may be of help, we get human error problems.

I am not really sure where to begin. I have looked at mistake proofing, but its oriented towards processing not documentation. My company has already spent a fortune on final inspection (of course, final inspection never works). I want to eliminate the problem at the source, like a good quality guy.

What can I do? Any solutions out there (e.g. software, quality tools, etc)?


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I should add that we do have alloy designation in the part number. My issue is not with identification, but in maintaining identificatin through the process.




Have you tried using something that travels with your product through your system?
We attach a casting routing form to each container of castings. Anytime a process is done to that container, the person doing the process has to sign off on it. This allows us to know what was done to the castings and who did it, even as far as being in the customer's shop (if they keep the routing form with the container while they are processing it).
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