Machinery Qualification Runoff test



The new company I work for produces special automated machines, slides, and mold patterns. There is no "20 hour test" done on the patterns. Currently there is no 20 hour test done on the slides. The machinery, of course, gets the test. Has anyone had such a variety of product? How did you differentiate the products in terms of performing the test or not in the procedures and other documents? Or did you simply state in the proceures that patterns do not get a 20 hour test?


Tom Goetzinger

When you develop your procedures, write them to indicate how you handle the various products. Ours indicate that we perform run-off when required by the customer and contract. It also states that if the customer does not provide specifications for the run-off, we will follow the process in the TE Supplement; otherwise, we do it his way, which is the norm.

Sean D Bannister

We have briefly discussed this topic before. In fact if you take a look at the thread I posted titled TE-QS9000, I explained how our company tackled this point. i.e. Agreed your product qualification criteria with your customer up front. I think you will find that a majority of your customers may not actually be aware of the TE run-off requirements.
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