MAG 6 and EASA Part-145 Issue 005.



I have what may be a stupid question but I simply do not know that answer and am trying to make things as easy as I can. I have been tasked with completing our EASA renewal, by the way we are an FAA repair-station in the USA. My questions is this, when we created out current MOE supplement for the last EASA renewal the MAG was still at rev. 6 and the EASA Part-145 was at issue 004. As the MAG has not revved but the EASA Part-145 has do I need to update my EASA MOE supplement to reflect he changes to the EASA Part-145 issue 005?

My bosses are wanting this done in a day or two but it seems like it's going to take a bit longer if I need to do a full MOE supplement rewrite.

Thank you,

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