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Maintain and repair services company require ISO 9001


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Dear brother

i have confused with this case and need some support for (a group of sisters company need to get ISO 9001)

1. company X is operating a website to link between clients and services provider "when a client need a technician he submit his request in the site and other technicians can submit their quote.

2. company Y has its technician that provide services as a vendor via the site, Company Y sister company to company X

3. company Z is providing customer support services and contact clients and vendor via their team Company Z sister company to company X and Y

1. from your point of view when we are connecting clients and services providers, are we responsible about the services quality and how the technicians do their work?
2. when we are connecting between services provider and client in this case both parties considered as clients or services provider considered as supplier?
3. customer services provided by company y our sister company considered as outsources or it will be our own processs as their our sister company?


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client is paying to company X by visa or paying direct to technician but at any way the company X take a percentage of 10% of the total order amount

John Broomfield

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1. Yes to some extent, because X selected the supplier as part of X’s service.

2. X’s service may arrange for the client to contract direct with the customer but the terms of that boilerplate contract remain the responsibility of X as to its sufficiency.

3. Both options (sister or outsider) are outsourcing.

Be clear on the value added by your company X and you’ll see your responsibilities clearly in the eyes of the customers and their suppliers (your customers). This will help when you design and validate your services.

Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood your business model.

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