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Maintaining Equipment Records - We use a manual system

Just wondering how other Labs maintain their equipment records as per ISO 17025.

Currently we use a manual system and have a separate document for each piece of equipment which we update whenever there is a "action" with the item (removed for recal, returned to service, etc). Whilst this system works, it is very document heavy...

It would (i think) be really good to have all of this data within a database of some sort, so that all of the data can be easily accessed. Something like the Asset Control DB that is available for MS Access, but more tuned to ISO 17025 requirements.

Is anyone using a database or software package to do this? We do not use Metcal, Procal, etc.

Appreciate any feedback you guys can provide.
There are a lot of options out there, but we could use a little more information before tossing out recommendations.
How many instruments are in your inventory?
What kind of budget are you working with for software?
What expertise do you have available in setting up and operating this database?
Are you in any specialized industry (biomedical, automotive, etc.) that might have unique recording requirements?
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