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Maintenance Man Hour Plan which satisfies EASA Part 145.A.30 (example needed)

Jim G

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Hi Covers
Can anyone help with an example of a Maintenance Man Hour Plan which satisfies EASA Part 145.A.30. We are a small component repair organisation and a new auditor has stated that our existing plan does not address the requirement.
Thanks in advance
Jim G


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Hi Marc,

We are a small component shop and covered it as follow

1) Record times on jobs
2) do overtime and work on rostered days off to deal with fluctuations but monitor that Human Factors (HF) do not come into play
3) Trigger discussion in Production or management Meetings if workload is too much and you need to add more staff (we set 10% in any one shop)
4) list the typical staffing you have in each section

I will send you a sample by Private message



Captain Nice
Staff member
I'm sure it will be appreciated. Unfortunately, files can not be attached to private messages.


I'm a relative newcomer compared to many of the forum users, only been in MRO QA for 14 years, but in this time I've never had more than a cursory query on this section of the regs.

In "off the book" conversations surveyors see this requirement as aimed directly at airframe / engine MRO's and not really applicable to us C rated guys. As long as we were taking HF requirements into account they left this one alone.
I have dealt with many surveyors down the years and my experience is that they are all different, each with his own take on the EASA 145 regulation. A few years ago I was assisting a very small component repair facility prepare for an audit by the authorities for which I felt they were well prepared. The auditors went through the regulation line by line and insisted that it be applied as it would be to a large aircraft maintenance facility. Needless to say, the manpower plan was one area that fell in for a non conformance.
To see exactly what the regulation says, see the 145 consolidated rulebook on the EASA website. The relevant sections are:
AMC 145.A.30(d) items 1 to 8
The moral of this tale is that you cannot presume an auditor will choose not to apply the full regulation
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