Making a Medical Devices Registration Database - Help and Suggestions Wanted



Hi All,
I look after all the country registrations for a medical device manufacturer in the UK.

I currently have a simple country registrations database on excel which uses a traffic light formula to countdown to a date where I need to start a re-registration, also I have a separate excel database for all the specific countries registration (intelligence) information, which is updated regularly.
My problem is both of these are antiquated, I need a proper new database, preferably to have both things together - can you all help me with what systems you use to hold this kind of information? I'm not a fan of access and am currently looking at a bespoke plug in from salesforce which i'm not sure I can justify it cost wise. any help would be appreciated.

Ronen E

Problem Solver
In my opinion Excel is perfectly sufficient for this kind of task.
It sounds as if creating a new, up-to-date, excel file that would combine the existing two shouldn't be too complicated, and you could do it yourself or hire a specialist for a fraction of a bespoke solution cost.
Keep it simple, I say :)
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