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Making a process PFMEA, no DFMEA (non-automotive toll manufacturer)


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We are a toll manufacturer (I like to describe similar to a car wash); we do not design our product. I have set up a group to make a process PFMEA for one of our lines...intent is to learn more about it and ID failure modes at each process section to help us anticipate our problems, will trickle down to Control Plans, inspections, etc.
I'm a little confused; when you are considering 'all' the potential failure mode causes, how should you treat all of the mechanical / elect/ hydraulic, (etc.--stuff that maintenance usually would handle) problems that can possibly happen? Do those types of things ideally belong in a (process)DFMEA?

My gut feeling is if those types of problems have truly been an issue before we should consider adding them...but for an old line like ours, it would also seem you could have a REALLY, REALLY long PFMEA...and I'm more concerned with capturing the things our production people can affect/control.

I have old AIAG books to reference but they dont' really get into this.

I hope I'm being clear...does anyone have any advice? Thanks!
If your doing a process FMEA, i.e. the process to make you product, then those things you mention are effects of failure, not the failure itself. So for example, you could have a bad hydraulic seal assembly which causes a malfunction of the unit that maintenance will have to fix on site.
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