Making an Environmental Park - What it should contain? ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001



What is Environmental Park? Can some one give the details what it should contain.How to establish it.What are advantages of having it. Who are the consultants for it? Ours is ISO-14001 & OHSAS-18001 certified company.
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Can you cite the specific specification and paragraph number "Environmental Park" is from?


Environmental Park

Marc said:
Can you cite the specific specification and paragraph number "Environmental Park" is from?
We would like to establish a "PARK" which can be a roll model to visitor and general public to increase the awareness on Environmental management system like
1.Building a conferance Hall with Waste materials.
2.Use of Natural Ventilation in the building.
3.Use of Solar Lamps in the Park.
4.Collection & cleaning of waste water and using for plantation
5.Attraction of Birds
6.Improving the Green cover.
7.Display of Boards showing the use of waste materials
Marc said:
Does anyone else have any additional thoughts?
I do, actually, and it has to do witn #4, 5 & 6 on the list: I had already been thinking about posting a link to part of my route (I go by bike all year around, often through this place) to work: Ekeby Wetland.

It's an artificial wetland, created in order to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and bacteria in our sewage. It was created 1997 - 1999, and turned out to be a big success. As a bonus we can go there and watch lots of birds, particularly during the migrating seasons.

This is a pretty good explaination of what is going on there, but the pictures are old:




Environmental park

Randy said:
Then do it! You've appear to have answered your own question.
My question of getting some cosultant to establish the Park is an important question.Can some one help me to get consultant.


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Go ahead and get a consultant if you think you need to!

The only thing about a consultant related to ISO 14001 is if he/she is competent (4.4.2), is aware of your policy (4.2), you have an operational control and monitor or measure key indicators if they are or present a significant aspect (4.4.6 & 4.5.1), that you identify the aspects they bring into the mix (4.3.1) and amybe 1 or 2 other things.
Hi ! I would suggest that you contact CII-Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad (CII - Confederation of Indian Industry). They have built the first Platinum Rated (US Green Building Council) Green Building in India and have assisted many companies to build green buildings and campuses. I have been a regular visitor to CII-GBC and I think their campus has most of the things that you wish to have. You may visit for more details. Since you are in Andhra Pradesh you may give a call to CII-GBC (040 23112836) to check if they will be able to meet your requirements. With best regards, Ramakrishnan
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