Making Quality and Compliance Invisible


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Several years ago I was at a conference that was discussing key design principles for mobile applications. Some of the key points that I recalled were as follows:

  • Design for one hand. You usually are doing something with a least one hand. Make sure you can open the app and complete the task with just one hand.
  • Keep people in the moment. You don't want completing the task to be a distraction from the moment.
  • Wordless interactions. Seamless. Understand when something positive is going on and when something negative is occurring.

As I recall the learnings from this conference, I attempt to transfer these learnings over to my primary job, which is to create amazing EHS software. It still amazes me how well thought out and developed an app to check it to a restaurant can be, but we still have clunky looking apps with poor user interfaces. We need to make Quality and Compliance highly effective, but invisible to those performing the tasks.