Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 Shot Down Near Donetsk (Ukraine)


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So we're now suspected? A vast majority of American's couldn't give a &hit less about what happens over there or who controls what.

Of course nobody complained when American interests kept some potential invaders out of Australia back in the 40's....

There were no good interests served with the shoot down and it wasn't an accident except that the aircraft could have been misidentified due to lack of IFF capability with the launcher


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First we had the verdict within a few hours, the plane was shot down with a weapon given to the separatists rebels by the Russians so therefore the Russians are responsible.

I wonder where the evidence for that verdict (roumour) came from so quickly??

How could highly skilled aircrash investigators get to the scene within a few hours and conduct scientific tests on the wreckage? Were they waiting in the wings somewhere close by????

While at the scene they conduct scientific tests and determine that it was shot down by a Russian BOK weapon and at the same time establish beyond doubt that it was given to the rebels by the Russians and not anyone else or not stolen from the Russians and not donated to them by some other group or country who would like to give Russia a black eye.

I'd love to see this investigation on "Aircrash Investigations" They must be super investigators.
Have you seen this?
I remember when I had heard already 1 hour after crash local Russian governor saying it was pilots' fault. They are very fast and "cheap" in investigating.

Can you imagine that and even though it's been four years plane still remains in Russia and there were not conducted any scientific tests, because "there was no need, as this was clearly pilots' fault". "Aircrash Investigations" was simply repeating official conclusions of MAK report, without any comment.


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What we need is statesmanship? No, what we need is the bodies to be respectfully treated and returned to the families for burial.

For all the finger pointing about how the plane got destroyed there is one finger pointing you can legitimately make. That is at the Pro-Russian separatists who have control of the area who delayed the recovery of the bodies and their journey back to their families.

Who collected the "black boxes" then refused to hand them over to anyone until a nice press conference following a conversation between their leader and the Prime Minister of Malaysia. A brilliant piece of theatre to try and promote the idea that they are a state and not a bunch of armed militias.

I don't care who shot it down or if it was a mistake or full of intent. Bring home the deceased. Sort the carp out later. Let us find out what this is really about. It is about a street in the Netherlands where two families who happened to live nearly across the street from each other have lost their lives (or members of their family's lives). A complete coincidence that two sets of victims lived so close but were so unconnected until this incident. There are many stories leaking out of those who died in that flight. Perhaps the more of those stories we hear, the more we feel for their families, the more we will stop all this claim and counter claim and just get on to prove the truth. We don't need the guilty to be punished just need to have confidence in the result but only after the families get their family members' bodies home for respectful burial.

PS on this site we do seem to be quick to conspiracy theories. Often obscure website links get posted and anything to do with Russia gets a Russian Times link. The Russian Fox network only even worse and state funded.


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Answer is government of Ukraine, but Putin taught them.
Remember that the Ukraine government was over thrown rather recently with complicit help from the US by arming and funding the "rebels" who over threw the Ukraine government - A standard US tactic for many, many years around the world...

"No credible version of events points to the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine as intentional mass murder or terrorism, and with international experts now getting access to the black box, there seems to be little the Atlanticist Brigade can use to point the finger at Moscow. Still, expect sanctions on Russia to follow, and for the reverberations to reach east all the way to China." - Peter Lee -

As to the US - Recall the US shootdown of Iran Air Flight 655 in 1988 by the USS Vincennes. The Iran Air jet was on a standard civilian flight path with its transponders on. The Vincennes, through some bit of naval derring-do, had actually intruded into Iranian territorial waters when it shot the plane down (something that was only admitted by the US three years later); 290 people died. The US never apologized, but eventually paid out some money to smooth things over.

The entire middle east is a mess - Iraq, Syria, Libya, Northern Africa in general, etc. - Not to mention the Israel/Palestine/Hamas debacle going on.

I have a hard time believing things won't get worse. Sad, really. So much wasted, so many dead. :(