Management Challenges for the 21st Century, P. Drucker

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Peter Drucker

This book is about Management Theory. Drucker was deliberate in writing this book on management rather than on leadership. He presents new and old concepts as well as introducing new ways to view and think about them. I specifically liked his points on understanding the customer on levels seldom realized, discussed, or explored (specifically the shrinking world market. I also like the introduction to new terms used to better explain individual contributions such as “knowledge workers”. It is a relatively short book and a fairly quick read. It is targeted at middle managers, but the historic references to management theory development might be interesting to the senior/executive level. I have read several of Drucker’s books, but I find this to be the best amongst the lot and a recommended read.
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