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Quote from ISO9000:2000. "Management - coordinated activities to direct and control an organization." I'm not an english speaking man. What is the difference between these verbs: "to direct" and "to control"?

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Your English seems great to me compared to my Russian!

The web has many good translation and definition sites that may help you now and in the future. is one good one. You might want to try that.


Randy Stewart

What is the difference between these verbs: "to direct" and "to control"?

To direct is to point, to give instruction.

To control is like driving a car, hands on control.

Nosmo King

To relate to the PDCA cycle:-

To direct - to PLAN

To control - to CHECK and to ACT

David Mullins

Direct: what is to be done, and by whom.

Control: state the process settings and spec ranges to achieve a known, measured, acceptable outcome.

In my mind (such as it is), to use my standard definition of TQM (for those that can remember back that far): The management philosophy that seeks control and continual improvement of processes and products.
"control" is inherently required before improvement. Control = standardisating, documenting, measuring and reporting.


A great lot of opinions... Thank you!
I understand that management cannot be defined in simple words. And translation to the other language only redoubles the situation.
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