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Management of SDS and Hazardous Material


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Hi Covers,
Just need some help over Safety Data Sheets Requirements.
On the current contract I am working on we have a Cleaning Contractor who is not under our control. We do not source the chemicals the cleaning contractor uses. At present we looking to engage the cleaning company to have a secure locker for them to store their Chemicals. My boss asked me if we had SDS for the cleaning chemicals - to which I replied the responsibility to maintain those lies with the Cleaning Company. Is it requirement for us to keep these SDS as well.


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If they're coming into your workplace it wouldn't be a bad idea, but looky here, if the materials they're using are of the same quantity and readily available to the average consumer then the answer would be nope, it's their problem. Just make sure they are labeled and only used by them.


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Hi !

There are two reasons for a company to be particularly interested in substances introduced at home by contractors or services:
- their implementation may interact with our activities and create problems for our staff (or his staff) during their use.
- these substances may be involved in an emergency situation that our company will have to face (example: fire, overturning ...).

But this is true more globally for any aspect that may be dangerous during the activities that a provider comes to realize in our company.

Concerning these issues in my country for example there are regulatory requirements imposing a process of safety coordination for "external companies" interventions in a "user company" to ensure prevention of particular "interference risks" these interventions are likely to provoke.

And now... read Article of ISO 45001requirements ...

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