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Newsflash! Did everybody know that the management rep was actually supposed to be from upper management? I did not know that. I've never been questioned on it by an auditor. My one and only title is QMR. Essentially, I am a systems manager. I have the ulitmate authority when it comes to decisions on the system. I generally will get someone from upper management to sign off on stuff, but just so that they are aware of what's going on.

Has anyone ever been questioned on this by an auditor? If so, how do you fix it? Is it time to ask Bossman Big for a promotion???

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Hi Fire Girl - welcome to Upper Management by defacto... ;)

As the QA Manager (and Management Rep) in our company I guess I fit into Upper Middle management - however, our Registrar has never questioned this. I know of several other people in the same boat and it has never been an issue either.

I wonder if I should start asking for those stock options and executive parking... :D




In the new STD ( ISO 9001:2000) section 5.5.2 says: "top Management shall appoint a member of Management, who irrespective of other responsibilities, shall have responsibility and authority that includes.." and then it continues with ensuring, reporting... So, no, doesn't have to be from top Management.

Also, if u go to iso9004-2000 it says that:" a MGNT rep should be appointed and given authority by top MGNT to manage, monitor, evaluate & coordinate the QMS system. This appointment is to enhance effective and efficient operation & improvement of the QMS. The rep should report to top MGNT & communicate w/ customers & other interested parties on matters pertaining to the QMS."


A manager must be in the role of the Mgt Rep. Fine. The Mgt Rep. is the official laison between the Registrar and the Company. Fine. The Mgt. Rep. assures that the system is fully implemented. Fine. The "Senior" manager at the site is ultimately responsible for the Quality System. We have "Managers" who have no reportees. Upper Management? Not fine. The Mgt Rep must be in a position to assess the Quality Management System and report to Top Management. Fine. If your company is so structured as to not display "Managers" tiered as Executive or Top or Upper Managers, the auditor can question the Mgt Rep as to their involvement with the Quality System. They cannot say "Upper Management" without that interpretation. If a "middle manager" (in the undefined opinion of your auditor)is shown on your Org Chart as reporting to the CEO as the Management Rep and has the authority as described previously, that's satisfactory. Does your QPM reference top, upper, executive, middle, lower, lower than low Managers? This person is rendering his opinion, just like me.
That doesn't mean you don't deserve more compensation. Me too! Everybody too!

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As if the Upper Mgmt Rep could handle things at all sites for day-to-day operations. Our Corporate office does have a Mgmt Rep. But each of our plants also has a Mgmt Rep with direct line to the Plant Mgr and dotted line to the Mgmt Rep.
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