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All companies are different when it comes to the frequency of the Management Review meetings. A review meeting is not about satisfying the requirements of a standard; it’s about presenting objective evidence of the performance of the Quality Management System to Top Management.

In my experience small manufacturing job shops should have a formal review on a quarterly basis. Small shops live and breathe on a production day-to-day basis. Nothing is more important then the month end financials and the end of the month push.

A review on a quarterly basis allows three months of data that will force upper management to look at the ‘big” picture and demand corrective action, preventive action or in some cases even praise.

Craig H.


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We have discussed this subject a few times here. My thoughts parallel yours, and our external auditor concurs. Any less than 3 months, you aren't getting the big picture and trends don't have time to develop. Longer than that and the risk of missing one of those trends is too great.



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Typically in small companies, there are review meetings of different types all the time if one really looks closely. The need for a formal management review meeting depends upon the specific company and how it works. I know many smaller companies that do it once a year for the official requirement, yet on a daily basis everyone knows what's happening, what's needed, etc.

Bottom line: Look closely at the company and ask what is value added. Look at current communications - both formal and informal. What do you really need to achieve your goal.

Al Dyer

Yes, management review happens all the time and more than likely with multiple meetings. The way to do it is ensuring that minutes of the meetings are taken and that actions resulting from those meetings result in some type of positive action.

Manoj Mathur

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That all is true.
But why nobody is talking about my specific issue of Management review minutes of meeting, which i raised in my thread?
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