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Hello QA Pros, regarding the ISO 9001-2015 Management Review, in our company we have discussed that instead of having one or two management reviews per year we are deciding whether to have just run a bunch of reports to address the inputs and outputs 9.3.2 and 9.3.3. We have weekly operations meetings with the Management team and can integrate review action items. I feel that waiting 6 months or a year to have the meetings is not effective for us. I can't say that for anyone else. I feel the team will be more engaged by addressing the review weekly items. Any tips or suggestions how to carry on using that method and still be compliant to 9.3.2 and 9.3.3. We definitely see that this method would be more effective to us. Really appreciate your wise advice.
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John Broomfield

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Being as the system is meant to help people do better work, top management would occasionally stand back and review evidence of:

A. What the system does well
B. Upcoming changes
C. What the system does or would do less than well
D. What top management is doing about C. above

Existing meetings may already enable this without any need for additional separate management review meetings.


I feel that waiting 6 months or a year to have the meetings is not effective for us.

It is! Guaranteed. What people do it make the biggest mistake of setting up a regular calendar of reviews. It's NOT required. It says they have to be planned. Do them when there's something to review. Weekly isn't going to work IMHO because audits are supposed to be factored in so unless you have weekly audits what's the point. Have a review when indicators suggest there's something to work on. Everything "green"? Why review? Got a "yellow"? Know why? Got anything at "red"? Better review it.


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We do our MRs quarterly, which seems a nice balance in frequency for us. I found it easiest to have our MR form follow 9.3.2/9.3.3 directly.

It is in table format, here are the columns:
  1. What to review (so the rows are 9.3.2a-f)
  2. What data/reports/news/etc. were reviewed
  3. Review notes - comments and potential actions from mgmt members,
Then the next table is similar:
  1. Outputs (rows are 9.3.3a-c)
  2. Decisions and actions (including actions from column3 above)
Never had an NC from that, particularly since it directly maps to 9.3.2/9.3.3, so its easy for an auditor to see we meet the reqmt.

Jen Kirley

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Nothing in any of the standards I work with dictate how often a Management Review will be held, and what subclauses each Review will cover. I have too many clients who hold a full Management Review once a year, which provides a checkmark for the box but the businenss value is less clear. It is better to hold reviews that provide value to the management team, when and where they are needed. The Management Review should represent a business health review. This is NOT supposed to be about What Is Okay for ISO.

One of my clients held a Management Review in a specific process each month. Over the course of a year, all of their processes would get covered on a higher level. Lower level Core Team meetings would additionally be held, where more tactical level issues would get explored. This is perfectly OK as per the standard; the idea that the organization is pursuing a model that works for them definitely works for me. I formatted a page in my note sheets that uses a matrix approach to note that all of the subclauses were covered in the three year registration period. Works for me - and it apparently works for the accrediting bodies too, as I have been audited by them repeatedly in the last several years.

I hope this helps.


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I always thought of Management Reviews to be more of a strategic nature and the weekly operational meetings to be more tactical in nature.
Nope, not hardly, it can be nothing more than normal business practice. There's no magic or mystery required.
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