Management Review Requirements (Pre Certification)

Tanya Boyett

Good morning,

I need some help clarifying management reviews. My organization is currently between stage 1 and stage 2 for an integrated management systems (9001 & 14001) certification. We have a very well written and defined program, we have established what our management review shall look like and an interval of occurrence. Additionally, the agenda and structure of this review has been established.

Our CB auditor during stage 1 identified a need for a management review to occur before stage 2. I had been under the impression that records precertification may not exist due to a newly developed management system. Having a process to follow moving forward is required for certification but records or processes would not necessarily be required. I've done a bit of research online and have seen mixed opinions.

We have conducted a review but my concern is that it may not be entirely complete. If the consensus is that one is required, please advise on the most important topics to address and the associated documentation. We (in the development) of our management systems, discussed each clause and R/O etc., I feel like the topics were covered well yet not called a management review.

Thank you!

Sidney Vianna

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Discussed here many times. ISO 17021-1 determines that, prior to stage 2, the organization must have had a “cycle” of internal audits and a management review. The stage 1 identified an area of concern for your readiness status prior to stage 2. Don’t disregard it, at your own peril.

Certification means a system IS IN PLACE. Not that it looks like it will happen.
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