Manufacturer vs. Supplier - Which is which on PPAP Forms



I'm new to PPAP. We are the customer.

On several of my sheets I have sections that require the manufacturer's info, and the suppliers info. I can't figure out who is who. Does the supplier supply the manufacturer; or do they supply us?

We have a drawing for an extrusion that the extruder uses.They send the extrusion to a machinist, who has another drawing from us on how to machine it. There is one more drawing that for now I have to assume goes to another machinist for a final operation before being sent to us.

Maybe the thing to do is sever any direct links to the extruder. But for now, I just need to know who's who.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Manufacturer Vs. Supplier

Opinions may vary...and your customer's opinion (the guy who accepts or rejects your PPAP) has the opinion that counts.

The person you pay for the part...the one who ships it to you that you go back to if there is a problem...that's your supplier.

The one(s) who make the part right or wrong...that is the manufacturer(s).

I have listed one supplier, and two manufacturers before.
My supplier may be a distributor who made nothing...but is contractually responsible.
The manufacturer is the one who meets performance spec (or doesn't).

Looking forward to seeing others' interpretations.


Thank you. That's what I was thinking. But, if I think about it too long, I get confused.:confused:


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I have seen and used supplier in the a broad sense:

The supply base includes manufacturers and pure material suppliers/distributors, so in this case material suppliers distributors is a sub set of the larger supply 2 pesos
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