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Manufacturing Cycle Time Apps


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Hello All, :bigwave:
Was wondering if any one has found a good APP for phone or tablet for monitoring work cycles. I'm looking to be able to measure 1. Start of machine, 2. End of machine Cycle, 3. Part change length to next Start.

It seams simple enough, but extremely difficult to find, even with Google Play Store. Cycle Time Pro is the best I have found, but have found it restrictive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :thanks:



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In all my years of measuring a process, task, cycle and tact time calculations a stopwatch, pen and paper has always been enough.


Starting to get Involved
My current issue with that is we have some 30 sec ops followed by a hand operation, then a finishing machine op around 15 sec, and then the part change. 4 quick ops that are difficult at best to write down. :/
That's why I'm looking for a program that I can just hit the buttons and it records.
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