Manufacturing Safety Wire Training and Certification - Who should train

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We need to initiate safety wire training and certification for both production workers and inspectors as required by our customer. The question raised was who should perform the training? I stated the since production actually performs the task, that the training be performed by production.
Production believes that Quality should perform the training as the inspectors are responsible for acceptance.
Any thoughts? it seems that regardless of the topic, management feels that quality should do the training.
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Thought's? Absolutely, get yourself a licensed FAA IA (A&P) to help ya out. I'm an A&P myself and taught this for years. If anyone asks what makes the A&P or IA qualified or competent, it's the 3 written exams and the hands on oral/practical exam certified by the FAA that can only be administered after 36 months of observed work and qualified training. If they don't like that answer tell them to never fly commercial aviation ever again.

Maybe the attached will help as well. Different doc's, same name, one is an article from the internet that has been credited and the other is public domain from the FAA


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Thank you for the attached information. I think I will take your advice and go to the experts for training instead of trying to develop a training program on our own.


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There should be an IA that could help you out. I think there are a couple training schools in the area for aircraft mechanics.

You could try these folks, they provide maintenance training (but not what you need) and may have some contact information for someone that could give you assistance

Flight Safety
4330 E. Donald Douglas Drive
Long Beach, CA 90808, United States
(562) 938-0100 Or (800) 487-7670
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