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Manufacturing Software + Controlled Documents

Groo3 said:
Probably... I would however recommend that if the software is "The system of Record", that any documents printed from that software are considered to be a report, only accurate as of the date and time it was printed (hopefully the reports have a creation date on them?). If it makes sense in your organization to "control" those reports, including the recall of those documents when changes are required... OK, that works too - but you may not need to go to those lengths... You should be OK as long as the individuals who use the reports understand that there is a limited usefulness to the information on the reports and that they should discard them and print new reports when appropriate.
I like Groo3's logic here (printouts are "reports").
From the discussion, it appears that only a few of the documents are printed at a time and then only to serve a specific purpose (pick list.)

In regard to Groo3's comment ("as long as the individuals who use the reports understand . . . ."), [emphasis on "understand" is mine] that's easy to cover with a work instruction.
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