Manufacturing Work Instruction examples that include process pictures


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Hey all - I looked through the attachment files for any examples but I am looking for some sample templates of manufacturing work instructions that include process pictures. I have a version in word but it can be cumbersome to insert and format pictures. Without recreating anything does anyone have an excel template they would be willing to share?



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Some pretty good examples if you go to Google and search for "Pictorial Work Instructions". Hundreds of them...


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We call them VPM - Visual Procedure Manuals, I write them for all of our major projects and some of the minor ones. Everyone is on the same playing field when working from one of these. For smaller items , like Quality alerts, where some parts may look similar, we use pictures to show the differences.


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Work instructions and/or process instructions can get quite "large" on the file size, but there are picture file formats or video file formats that you can compress. If I remember some PNG of TIFF photos can maintain the resolution, but are small file size. I remember working on a visual work instruction that ended up being 120 meg and that was back in the day when gigabyte USB sticks were not available. Also large files can take a while to pull up on a network workstation. You could also print the final document to PDF with some additional compression that helps with the file size.

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