Many unanswered posts as of August 2017

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Stij: That link doesnt work. If you can repost it I will happily have a look at unanswered posts, and see if I can throw something into the mix.


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I put in a good link.

Some of these go back a ways, as in years, but many are relatively recent. Any help will be appreciated on old and newer threads with 0 replies.

This has always been somewhat of a problem, however I know it is in many, many forums and has been for many years, actually.

There is a small group of people who go out of their way to help others with answers in discussion threads, unfortunately, considering the number of visitors here.

There are also some which Jan or someone else has "bumped" over the years that show up when this search is used: Search the Cove Forum Discussion Threads (Look for threads with only 1 reply).

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It's very easy to find threads with 0 replies - just click the yellow "search" hyperlink on the dark-blue ribbon at the top of most pages, then select "unanswered threads". I do it occasionally, when I have the time.

I don't believe in answering posts just for the sake of answering. While a polite answer might give the OP a "good feeling" (that they're not being ignored) - not a bad goal in itself - I see it as adding little value. After all, people post here mostly because they're looking for answers or opinions (some of the "unanswered threads" are just sharing of publicly available resources, opinions or insights that don't necessarily call for "an answer", and are thus not answered, which I consider OK).

Many times questions here are left unanswered simply because no one knows the answer and finding out would be too onerous for the setting. On other rare occasions the questions / requests are plain rude/inappropriate (but still don't clearly warrant deletion).

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I wanted to say here how much I have appreciated Stijloor managing the unanswered posts over the years. He would keep up on it, and if all else fails, would provide a response to them.

Thank you.