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I watch a lot of historical documentaries - I was reading Lose yourself in this highly addictive “murder map” of medieval London today. If you are a history lover, these sources might interest you. These are London circa 14th century.

For sale:

The Rumsey collection has digitized versions of the Civitates Orbis Terrarum [1], and Jansson's work [2]. High resolution, zoomable.

[1] Civitates Orbis Terrarum in SearchWorks catalog

[2] (Atlantis Majoris Quinta Pars Orbem Maritimum seu... by Johannes Janssonius Atlantis Majoris Quinta Pars Orbem Maritimum seu Omnium Marium totius Orbis Terrarum Navigationibus hodierno tempore frequentatorum descriptionem accuratisimam continens : cui adjunctus est Orbis Antiquus et Graecia Parallela.) Amstelodami. Apud Ioannem Ianssonium. 1650 in SearchWorks catalog

As to the murders, here is a picture of an old doss house that was right across the street from the building where the last murder took place.. a night's crowd of ladies awaits admission, and down the side street to the left a group of men are hoping to find a safe (sort of) night's sleep in a doss house for men:


And today: Google Maps

FYI: Crime maps are available for all of England and Wales at

A very good series if you can find it, I recorded them some years back: Map Man - Wikipedia


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One of my favorite books back in the day (before water damage took it:() was a world atlas from 1939. It was fascinating to 12 year old me to see that some countries didn't exist.


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Very interesting post.

With regards to maps, I find this short video on the subject of the borders within Europe and how they have shifted over the last 1000 years fascinating in a similar way to CCaantley and the old atlas. So much has changed, so much has been lost.


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