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Master List

Can anyone send me a sample of a Master List that they have done on a Web Browser. I have no idea how to go about starting this index/list. I want to link it to documents on the network.

Thank you very much.

I have just noticed that nobody has posted onto this forum since the 10th, hope I haven't come across as insensitive. I convey my deepest sympathy of course to all involved in the recent tragedy. Apologies again.

Al Dyer

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No need to apologize for being insensitive, you are not. The Document forum is not one of the big hitters.

As to your question, I haven't heard of anybody using a web browser for a master list. Maybe some additional info?


What prompted me was the following: Re: Graeme's comments on a post dated 4th July 2001 regarding Hyperlink/Word Protection. "I use a web page as the master list and link to all documents. The documents are PDF files in a read-only folder on a server. "

Thank you.

Jim Biz

Maybe more of a Question than a helpful answer - but from the input you have given us - it sounds to me as though you may already have a "Master List"

Does your index page identify Revision level - current date? either before or after the pdf link?

Our Master list - beyond current Rev's & dates (we keep ours in excel) includes Past revisions and identifies what was changed when.



I think

Mr. Graeme's post may have been in reference to a problem I was having hyperlinking from a "Word" Master List to other documents. Thinking about it, it may not have been in the post you are referring to. But, there was a post, from me, inquiring about the hyperlink function in "Word". If he uses a WebPage (html) page and hyperlinks off it to PDF Files, it's because "Word" was unstable, in his learned opinion, for hyperlinking. There are lots of posts since then that involve the many steps you must make to hyperlink and protect documents from unauthorized alterations, using "word". I believe he can hyperlink from those PDF files, using Adobe Acrobat, to other documents that appear in the PDF files. The latter is just my guess because I understand that there is a Hyperlink function in Adobe. I wouldn't know. I continue to hyperlink from my Master List using "Word". The method I use to protect my documents will not allow me to hyperlink off those particular documents. For example:
We can hyperlink from the Master List to Cause and Corrective Action. We cannot hyperlink to forms mentioned in that procedure due to the protection method used for the particular document. So, we add the form to the Master List and hyperlink from Master List to the form. Incidentally, Mr. Graeme has sent me two private e-mails on the subject and pretty much convinced me that if I stay with "Word", it has it's limitations.

My understanding is that if you create all your procedures and forms as WebPages (html) using "Word", then you can hyperlink at will, back and forth. I have not tried that because converting my "Word" documents to "html" documents, changes the structure of the document so that extensive editing is required. In other words, I'm too busy now for experimenting. In the near future, when I create a document, I will format as a "word" html document and test it's hyperlink capabilities. Fortunately for us, we are in our infancy mode for producing procedures and the re-doing the existing documents from standard "word" documents to html, will not be that daunting. Hoping that I haven't muddied the water, or added to the confusion, good luck on your efforts.
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Greetings! I was away for awhile and then got caught up in the "no travel" mess, good to be back.

I use the web browser for our quality system docs. I can't say that this is the best way to keep a master list (or even that you have to have a master list) but her is an example of what we use.

Document Number, Document Name
Rev 1, 9/20/01, insert a brief discription of what you changed, added or subtracted...
Insert name (initials or whatever) of the people that approved the document.
Rev 0, 9/1/01, New document
Approval ID/Approval ID
I use bullets at each level. We do all of our approvals through our e-mail system, so I save a copy of the e-mail after it has been routed for approval in a "folder" titled e-approvals. In the rare instance that something is signed by hand, I keep that copy in a file until the next time the doc is revised. Each document has the ID#, Name and Rev level on it, and I link the the rev level directly to that entry in the master list for ease of finding it.

I hope this helps and at least gives you something to think about. I am sure that there are other methods, but this works well for us.

Al Dyer

Master List


Just as a note because I don't know what quality system you use:

QS and TS do not "require" a master list, only a method to monitor monitor revision level and such.

That said, I believe a master document database or list is a great tool and really helps during audits.

Can it be cumbersome and awkward? Most certainly, but what is the real cost if you use an incorrect inspection instruction or blueprint and produce 10,000 bad parts?

Just thinking out loud, have a good night!


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Originally posted by AnnaMarie
Can anyone send me a sample of a Master List that they have done on a Web Browser. I have no idea how to go about starting this index/list. I want to link it to documents on the network.


I will get an example of mine to you in the next couple of days. In general terms, it is just an HTML page linking the name of the document that the user sees to the actual file on your network server. Click on the document name to open it.

(I apologize for not noticing your question earlier ... as you observed, some folks have not visited The Cove since Sept. 10th. But I am back now.)


Thank you all very much for your comments - most helpful as always.

Graeme - your sample would be much appreciated at your convenience.

SteelMaiden - thanks for your input - I am interested in your email approval system - is it complicated?

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