Master List done on a Web Browser for an Intranet



Examples are always useful, if only to show where others have gone astray.


If everything works correctly, there should be a link to a file somewhere here that you can download ... I have not used this feature before so I am not sure how to do it ...

I have packed up a few of the HTML pages that we have on the internal network of the calibraion lab I am working with. What you will get is essentially what we use every day - I only changed things where necessary to cloak the identity of the company.

The purpose is to provide an example of one way to implement a document list in a web page. What we have here, combined with the controls we have in place, made the auditors very happy. If you have more resources that I do you can probably do a more elegant job.

Other controls - the only way people in the lab can see any of these documents is to use this web system. The only version they can see is the current one. The documentation coordinator (me!) is the only person that can post documents in the folders on the server. Any printed copy is automatically considered uncontrolled and cannot be used to make a quality decision.

To look at this - first unzip the files (use the original PKZip from, or one of the several imitations).

Then, read the file "Read-Me!.rtf". You should be able to read it with Microsoft Word, Wordpad (part of Windows) or many other word processor programs that can use Rich Text Files. It has instructions for the rest of the process.

Note that these files have many links to documents on my server, which will not work for you. However, you can look at the HTML code and adapt the method to the way your network is set up.

Please let me know if you have any problems.


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Wow! Graeme, thank you so much for sharing your information with me. It is really a big help especially to view the coding you used. Congratulations on your many achievements in ISO.

Many thanks again - I am now looking forward to the task ahead!

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:thedeal: I enjoyed seeing your example, and with your permission can use it to show a sample application for our mgmt here. They just shot down :mad: my 'improvement suggestion' to go electronic rather than me having to maintain 11 department manuals and the 'master reference set' as well as files (electronic and hardcopy). The reasoning they gave showed they didn't understand the concept, and didn't bother checking for further information/clarification either.

The 'Read-Me!' file was also a nice touch...shows even more than your posts, your attention to detail skills!

Thank you for sharing!
:bigwave: Eileen
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