Material safety data sheet (MSDS) related clause in IATF 16949 manual


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I am searching for Material safety data sheet (MSDS) related clause in IATF manual can anyone tell me where this clause adhere in manual ???


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It may also be referenced in Customer Specific Requirements. I don't remember MSDS requirements being referenced in TS 16949 so it's probably not directly mentioned in IATF 16949.


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There is no clear requirement in IATF 16949 as stated MSDS but; related clauses which can be;
* --> Environment for the operation of processes
* -->item f
* --> Statutory and regulatory requirements


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Well, yes, but "Statutory and Regulatory Requirements" isn't an IATF thing. It was in ISO 9001:2008, for example: Statutory vs. Regulatory requirements - ISO 9001:2008, clause 1.1 Note 2

This is correct:
there is no longer an "MSDS" is an "SDS". Hazcom 2012 specifically omits the acronym MSDS (but don't ask me why).
Also consider: Internal Auditing Requirements of Statutory and Regulatory Requirements for AS9100

Statutory and Regulatory requirements - Including Shipping

Customer, Statutory and Regulatory Requirements - Intent of Clause 4.1, Note 3

Just some thoughts...


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I've always been confused on the "scope" of 'statutory and regulatory requirements' (in my case, re 9001:2015). I was under the impression that the intent is for inclusion of only product-related 'statutory and regulatory requirements', and not legal requirements that apply broadly to the organization. Otherwise, it seems a slippery slope and that soon the QMS would have to import and document how they handle the entirety of federal, state, local laws.

As such - at least in ISO 9001 - SDS/MSDS would not seem to be covered under 'statutory and regulatory requirements' (but perhaps under environment, although even that I think is a stretch. Again, does your QMS document the entirety of OSHA regs?)

ISO guidance seems to support this (for 9001):
ISO 9001 requires an organization to identify and control the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to its products and services. It is up to the organization to determine what is required within its QMS.


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