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Maximum Height for the stored material or stock materials

I want to know the acceptable limit of height for any stock materials for examples the blocks or bundles is ( 3 m ) ?

I want to know the source of the information in which standard and where ?



OSH Officer
Hello !

I do not know of any such standard (but another person may be able to identify one).
I think it is imposible to standardize a stability rule of this kind of storage by stacking similar loads.
The "height limit" stability of such a column can not be absolute: it necessarily depends on the width of the base and the greater or less "flexibility" of the blocks or packets. So this can only be a specific rule to the company, witch needs to be determined locally empirically by appreciating the risky "ballrooming" of a column "too high" for each type of packets ...


PS: and what to say in addition to the risk of "domino effect" if a first column switches ...
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