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May 2004 Articles Poll (Vote) Thread

Which May 2004 Article Did You Like Best?

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  • I like many/all articles equally and am unable to select just one winner.

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Captain Nice
Staff member
Haven't heard except what the gal told me back when I sent my response - there doesn't appear to be any issue because there was no purchase involved. I doubt I will hear anything else. But I am trying to make clear what the intent is and am trying to be careful with my words.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Mike S. said:
So what's the status of XXXXX complaint? Has the AG managed to tell him to get lost yet?
Update. Got an e-mail around noon or so this morning asking where my response was. I called the gal - Nancy. Said she didn't get it. Resent it while she was on the phone. Still didn't get it. I didn't get a bounce notice so I know it made their servers. Tried a FAX - No Go. Finally she got someone on the phone who knows how to use a web browser - I did a pdf printout of the e-mail from the 9th that I sent her and uploaded it to the server and, with the gal on the phone, led her through how to get to it and download it to her drive. So - Today, the 24th, she DEFINITELY has my reply.

I also led her around the site, showed her the Article forums and explained in some detail what the scope was.
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Al Dyer

Hey, progress is a good move. The sheer innocence of this site will rule!

People helping people!!!

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