May I combine the Process Audit and Product Audit into Delphi's LSR?



My company is pursuing TS16949 after we win delphi business. One of the checklist required by the customer is line side review (LSR). According to TS16949, process and product audit is enough. The LSR to us is an additional audit. Can i combine the process audit and product audit into LSR?


This is a question best answered by your customer. It sounds like your TS16949 auditor will not ask you about LSR, but when you PPAP to Delphi or when your Delphi SQE comes to visit they might ask you for LSR. So my advice: suggest to your Delphi SQE that the LSR is similar to the process and product audits, and that you would like to combine them. He/she will probably either agree, or let you know what is missing and what you need to add to your process & product audit to make it acceptable.


Do anyone have the Delphi LSR checklist? My understand is they have their LSR just i not able to get one for myself.


have you got login to Covisint?
Delphi tend to publish most of their stuff on there. Alternatively, ask your Delphi SQM to provide you with their own list (provided that they have one).
I used to work for Delphi and I can't remember giving out own forms to suppliers but it might be different in the divisions.
hope this helps
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