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May Submission by Rob Nix


Greg B

Well Done Rob,
You are a deserved winner. I had a feeling you would win when I first read it (after I stopped laughing). I have a copy in my drawer I read from time to time. I was thinking of getting it laminated and placed on my wall.

Once again: Congratulations on a great piece of writing. The thing that won me over was the excellent mix of sad fact and humour. We need much more humour in this profession. If nought else, it's a good way of making people pay attention.


Rob Nix

Thank you all so much. I feel very privileged just being allowed to be part of this forum of experts.

You are right Claes, we do need humour (the Eropean spelling). Humor is the medicine that helps maintain our sanity in this field (Gandhi once said "If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide") and it is the seasoning that helps get management to "pay attention".

Oh and, DUH, Thank you, Marc, for your generous gift.
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