MDD Harmonized List of Standards Website Moved


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On 2 Feb 2015 the previous site for the List of Harmonized Standards for the MDD and other Medical Device Directives (AIMDD & IVDD) moved to a new location.

The old MDD Harmonized Standards Listing used to be located at the website address of (broken link removed) but as of 2 Feb 2015 the site has been archived. The new site can be found by following the instructions on the archived site.

Ronen E

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It's not just the harmonized standards pages, it's the whole Europa / Enterprise website.

They did a facelift(?) but also chopped some organs on the way... :(

Good thing that all the old pages are still accessible online (with an "Archived 2.2.2015" label), though I don't know for how long.
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