Measurement Force on Kickdown



Hello all,
please we will produce parts to automotive industry (these parts are saying as KICKDOWN). I would like to make MSA analysis on press, but how to do it?


1) measurement is done strain gauge and the human factor there isn't ;
2) strength on part is decreases each time you press;

The requirement for Force is (130 +/- 10)N.

Thank you very much for help.
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This is a bit more complicated than a typical functional or non-destruct test, but is doable. (I am on my ipad right now and can't attached or point to some documents that will help you, but I will be back to do that; this will keep the post visible for awhile)

First I would recommend only TWO repeated readings of each part.
Secondly, I do recommend a sample size of at least 15 parts, 30 is better.

Then there is a method to deconstruct the systemic change in readings from the first to the second and the measurement error. It is a bit too complicated to type out on an iPad, so I'll do that later as well.

it will be helpful to post your data once you've completed the repeat testing. Then we can demonstrate exactly how to do it with your data...
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