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I use testing equipments in QC of lubricant characteristics.Frequently,these equipments are complex and include many parameters.
There is no measurement standards in the market (oils,greases)to achieve traceable calibration or verification for these characteristics.
Can someone suggest any solution for an appropriate(traceable)calibration/verification of this type of equipments?


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I don't know of any myself. If I was you I would write a 'white paper' on your calibration methodology with your reasoning for its validity. Define what you use for 'standards', how you derived them and how you reproduce them.

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My best suggestion would be to get a new copy of the NIST SRM (Standard Reference Materials) catalogue, if you have not already done so. That is probably the best resource for such standards.

I know of viscosity standards, but without a copy of the catalogue handy (I am packed up to move to a new office soon), I cannot comment specifically on what is available.

If no such standards exist, you do not have to be NIST traceable (directly, anyway). If it is the case that no SRM exists, you need to somehow define the measured all measured parameters and your method of how you assure you meet them.

Additionally, if you develop a method to create one, you could make a "golden standard" (a well characterized sample of 'known good' product), and use that to compare unknown product against. There are numerous requirements (documented procedure for how you create and verify it, handling and storage requirements, and so forth).

If you could elaborate further on what parameters you need to test, perhaps you may be able to find standards for particular characteristics, one at a time.

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