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Measuring Training Effectiveness - How do you measure Effectiveness?


Captain Nice
Staff member
There are lots of ways to 'measure' training effectiveness.

It depends upon the training. On the job training versus (for example) managers training. You have to look at the training. Some OJT is a matter of observation by the trainer. Some OJT (particularly for 'hi-tech' jobs) is verified by certification testing.

I suggest you check out the following from the 'old' forum:

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Then come back to this forum with more specific questions! Hope this helps!

Ram narayan

Mr. Stevan and Mr. Mark,

I would like to share with you one of my approaches for measuring Training effectiveness. As such, measuring training effectiveness is highly subjective but some sort of approach can be followed as follows:

1. One week after the completion of the training programme, a feedback should be obtained from the students/participants on how much of knowledge they had gained during training are they retaining. We all know, that we tend to forget things if not implemented immediately. This feedback is only to check whether they have got sufficient knowledge for implementation. People generally forget 70% of things they learnt within one week.

2. After 3 months, a feedback should be obtained for the effective implementation of the training got. This is to check how they are using what they have learnt. Whether any additional training has to be given or some sort of help is required.

3. After 6 months, the training effectiveness should be monitored using Performance Appraisal by the respective Department Managers. The effectivenss of the training they have got should be linked to their appraisal system, because I feel that then only the training will be very effective.

The above is one of the many methodologies. I am expecting your comments on this.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Subject: Training Effectiveness
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 15:53:25 -0400
From: "Kelly Speiser"
To: "QS List Post"

QS Listserv Members: I pass this along from a Training Listserv for which I am a member. I thought this is of specific interest to those complying with ISO.

"If you are involved in measuring the effectiveness of training, this might be of interest. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Westinghouse are making TRANS-MEASURE, a transfer of training measurement and improvement tool, available to U.S. businesses, consultants, educational institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and individual citizens at no-cost to recipients through a federal sharing program. TRANS-MEASURE provides organizations with the following information for their training courses:

+ Transfer of Training Rate -- the percentage of skills successfully transferred from the learning setting to the job.
+ Prior Knowledge Rate -- the percentage of skills that trainees already knew how to perform before taking the training.
+ "Didn't Stick" Rate -- the percentage of skills presented in a training course that the trainee cannot perform six months after training.
+ Value-Added Rating -- the amount of skills critical to the success of the organization learned during the training and performed frequently on themjob.

TRANS-MEASURE is an streamlined, user-friendly offspring of the Westinghouse-developed Transfer of Training Evaluation Model. This is a complete, turnkey package that can be administered by nearly every type of organization with no modification necessary. To obtain TRANS-MEASURE at no cost, fill out an application at the DOE/Westinghouse technology transfer website

Forwarded to you by
Kelly Speiser
Jackson MI

Andy Bassett

I am interested in the Training Effectiveness Model mentioned above, i have registered and requested the notes, but being Ireland based i am not sure they will give it to me.

Can anybody tell me what it is all about?. Is it a software package, or a questionnaire that tests employees on what they have learnt from the training.?


Andy B
Just downloaded the info Kelly is talking about; passed it around and received positive feedback for content and "user friendly" format.
Training Effectiveness

Does anyone have any backgorund on how to determine effectiveness of training? We were told during audit to pre and post test after training. Does anyone have any examples of these types of tests that I could take a look at? THANKS!!!!

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
Why not do an observe/record proficiency check?

Or take the same test before and ready to do something about it when the delegates have the same score before and after!!!!

Most public offerings do an effectivity evaluation survey..... That works.

examples.....there must be millions, all task specific and probably of no value to you. take the training offered, or SOP, etc., and create a test that covers the important points/requirements to be covered..(the goals of the training?) Give it prior to the training, and again after...chart the should see marked improvements to show that the training ws effective. for workmanship reinforcement/training you can monitor yeilds.....before and after training.

I do a proficiency record to verify grandfathered training/or lack of records....Also use it as a tool to verify training effectity when required as followup to CA requests that have training identified as teh root cause.

Doesn't tell you how, just that you must...what would add value and not be a useless tool?

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Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Staff member
A good suggestion Barb. Trending both sets of tests (before and after) is a nice thing to show auditors. Picture, picture.

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