MedAccred being flowed down to Suppliers (2018)


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Although part of a number of selection/qualification criteria being used, a number of medical device OEMs are looking for their suppliers to be moving towards MedAccred accreditation. Stryker, GE Healthcare, J & J, Medtronic are all making distinct "noises", that new business awards and re-newed business will critically review if MedAccred is being sought. When the Medical Device Industry is seeing between $1.3Bn - $5Bn in the costs of recalls - for mainly manufacturing related poor quality issues - it's not difficult to see what they'd be getting behind MedAccred.
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Resurrecting this single post thread to inquire if anyone knows how much penetration in the market this MedAccred approval process is having.

In the Nadcap scheme, some organizations have refused to continue dealing with the monopolistic approach and keep their business in the Aerospace sector. I suspect MedAccred is not gaining much ground in the medical device sector, already dealing with several other challenges but don’t know for sure.


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We don't normally get too close to manufacturing through 'tier 1' companies (we do frequently get involved when working with startups) so my vision is limited, but it's not come up at all that I can remember.


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I don't think MedAccred has made as big of a splash as first anticipated. Similarly, MDSAP audits have not reduced the number of external audits medical device manufacturers in general have had. At least not that I can tell from my vantage point.
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