Medical Device Auditor (CMDA) certification exam by ASQ - looking for input

Gabriel Torres

Hi all

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post here or create a new one, but I'm planning to take the Medical Device Auditor (CMDA) certification exam by ASQ. Seems this is the "evolution" or updated version of the Biomedical Auditor certification. I see a lot of recommendations for the CBA that will be applicable for this one by I'm also looking into other recommendations or insights in case someone has taken this new certification recently. Do you think I'm on time to take the January exam or should I wait an prepare a couple of months more? I have been working on the SaMD and medical device firmware space for around 4 years now, performing audits to my company's suppliers so I'm familiar with regs and standards covering general Medical device QMS topics, as well as 62304 for software but I might be lacking on the side of sterilization, IVD and post-market.
Also for people who got their certifications (even if you have the CBA and not the CMDA), have you seen some value added or return of investment in your career so far?



Sidney Vianna

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I have no idea about your specific questions, but I would think that someone with your experience and background would be a prime candidate to work for Medical Device Notified Bodies. As far as I know there is a high demand for professionals in that field and, if you are willing to travel extensively, the pay can be $ignificant.

Good luck.
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