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I was hoping to get some input on what services (certification agencies) are out there for a medical device manufacturer to get a cyber security review and certification, if possible. Also what would such a review entail? Thanks!


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To my knowledge, there aren't any agencies or reviewers that would issue any certifications related to cybersecurity. That would seemingly imply liability that I can't imagine anyone would want to take on!

Here are a few links to FDA guidance docs. The first does a pretty good job of laying out expectations for what you should address regarding cybersecurity:

Certainly some expert help (e.g., ostensibly the reference Sreenu provided - but there are others) could provide guidance and/or help gather evidence of due diligence.


Thanks for the responses!
I came across the following article that talks about how effectively risk management of medical device addresses software cybersecurity. I cannot post the link , but here are the article details, please look it up.

Observations on the Risk Management of Medical Device and Software Cybersecurity - by Jeff Bell, Director of IT Security and Risk Services, CareTech November 10, 2014

I believe the industry is moving towards the perception that internal processes that identify and mitigate security level risks may be considered insufficient and a third party security review might be expected from medical device manufacturers. See excerpt below:

'While it is reassuring to know that this vendor performed a risk assessment and implemented improved security measures as a result of the assessment, it is not too much to expect third-party validation of the application security and greater transparency about the results. The stakes are just too high to accept less. '


I believe that provided the analysis and testing is done, it shouldn't be mandatory that a third party conducts these activities.
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