Medical Device LCD Touchscreen Compliance



We worked our way through an ESD issue by making use of our particular standard 2-18, but the situation we had with our monitor is a bit confusing to me and I was hoping to receive some insight.

Our medical touch screen, that is part of our overall device, blanks whenever any of the exposed metal on the monitor is Contact discharged or air discharged.

I tried resolving this a number of ways, but then decided to try the monitor on its own as a stand alone product as it ships from the MFG. AC/DC 60601 power supply that ships with the product and dvi cable that ships with the product. Same result. Essentially, this monitor will blank out during and ESD event of +/- 2kV when contact discharging. The monitor's back has screws that tie to the metal case and are exposed, the ports are accessible, etc.

Our resolution was to use the 2-18 clause allowing temporary interruptions of video; however, I don't understand how this monitor that is "compliant" could have possibly passed 60601-1-2. I suppose it still functions after +/-6kV contact, but in my mind the essential performance of a monitor is to display, that's its one function, how is blanking out acceptable?

Anyone have experience with this? Is this monitor just subpar/ did the MFG take a shortcut?



Hi blazin912,

Ask from the manufacturer the IEC60601-1-2 Test report and check if there are any notes in the ESD Test section.
You say "Our medical touch screen", does this mean that is medical certified or you just call it medical touch screen because is part of your ME?
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