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Hey there-

Does anyone have any information on medical device regulations in Cameroon?

The only info I have so far is what is contained in the attached file, but according to the person from whom I've received this, it pertains disposables only and (also according to that person) there are no further medical device regulations for non-disposables (which is somehow hard to believe).
I'd be glad if someone could help me out with this...


I can't see the file so I don't know what it contains.
I'm afraid I don't have much information for you apart from I believe you need to have an authorised representative in country, Cameroon does not yet have a formal classification system and registration is based upon the acceptability of the device in its country of origin.
the website for the ministry of public health in Cameroon is you may find some better help there, good luck.


thanks for the heads-up concerning the authorized representative.

classic mistake -- forgetting to attach the file... ...well, here it is now


  • Application file for Approval of Medical Devices and disposables.doc
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Does anyone know how difficult it is to change the Cameroon in country authorized representative. Does the authorized representative have to be the distributor?
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