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So I was going over training record requirements when a manager flipped out. I am trying to meet several regulations AS9100, FAA, Transport Canada, EASA etc and he accused me of making stuff up as I go. Do staff members really think I pass my time trying to think of new and evil ways of making their job harder and more miserable? I didn't put him in charge of multiple departments with no explanation of the Training requirements for his staff. I often get called 5-0 by the Maintenance Dept staff. It is all wearing a little thin. :frust:

Mark Meer

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Re: Vent/Rant

Sounds like staff aren't taking the system seriously. Maybe they don't fully appreciate the intent and objectives?

If you haven't already, check out this article:
Dear CEO by Craig Cochran (Quality Digest July2006)

It's got a section about the importance of training, and more generally presents why the quality system should be taken seriously...

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Re: Vent/Rant

I believe there is a faux-Latin phrase something to the effect of "Illegitimi non carborundum".

Seriously, though, you definitely need something of a thick skin in this Quality Jerk racket. Don't let them wear you down. When those people win, everyone loses. Take the high road, and lead by example. It's much more effective than attempting to battle with name-callers.
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