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Meeting Other Elsmar Cove Visitors - 2014



It seems as though this Discussion Thread died and needs to be revived! Anyone else out there wanting to meet up with other Members for dinner, coffee, whatever?

I travel the Midwest, Eastern Seaboard, Canada, Japan and Germany. I'm sure there are others that would like some diversity in your travels :)

Jen Kirley

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Re: Meeting Others

I often see "I will be in XYZ on (date)" and am never quite sure where to see that kind of message, or place my own now that I am traveling all the time for my work. I can offer that week after next I'll be in the Norwood MA area and would love to meet up with a Cover if it's convenient for us. :)


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Re: Meeting Others

Anyone in Bangalore city., India travelling into Bangalore city., Elsewhere travelling into India and bangalore city., my pleasure to meet up based on mutual convenience...
Re: Meeting Others

Life seems so different now compared to when I was a road warrior many years ago. Now, it seems no one has time to relax over dinner and drinks and shoot the breeze until the waiters start stacking chairs on tables. Even I find myself on extremely tight schedules when I travel out of town on business.

There are three trade shows coming up in Chicago in the near future:

  1. International Machine & Tool Show - McCormick Place Chicago Sept 8-13
  2. Design & Manufacturing Show - Schaumburg (near O'Hare airport) Oct 15-16
  3. Assembly Show Rosemont (next to O'Hare airport) Oct 28-30
I normally put in at least 1 day at each show, but, except for Sept 10 & 12 when I have other commitments, I'm free to meet for lunch or dinner with anyone coming to town for those shows.

Maybe enough of our Cove Readers may also be coming to Chicago to make reservations for a mini-convention/dinner of our own. There's time to plan, so indicate your interest by adding a post with your details of being in town at one or more of these shows.

Need more details about the shows? - Send me a Private Message.


Wes, I is too short. We need to slow down and take time to develop new relationships. Wish I was able to attend one or more of the shows you listed, however it looks as though I'll be elsewhere.

Jennifer, won't be able to meet up during the time/location suggested. But, we never know when our schedules allow the opportunity.

As of now, my schedule is:

St. Louis, MO - Through 09/14
Los Angeles/Lancaster/Palmdale - Week of 09/15
Thereafter - ???????

Let's keep in touch. Feel free to PM me.
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If anyone's in London (UK) or nearby, please shout. I'll try my best not to bore the socks off other Covers with VDA :D


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Our good friend Howard Akins will be spending the coming weekend in an good old fashioned Arkansas home instead of a cold hotel. Judi is looking forward to meeting him and I'm looking forward to seeing him again.
Our good friend Howard Akins will be spending the coming weekend in an good old fashioned Arkansas home instead of a cold hotel. Judi is looking forward to meeting him and I'm looking forward to seeing him again.
Ah yes, Howard introduced me to the joys of vegetarian dining! Plus, He gave me some fantastic olive oil from his kibbutz.


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Unbelievable, there I was yesterday afternoon and this poor, lost, hungry, wandering soul from Israel is pounding on my door pleading for refuge from the Arkansas cold and Yankee tourists that might be lingering in the woods:lol:

Howard has spent 2 nights with us on "R" Hill here is western Arkansas and it's been great. Judi was up in Wichita Friday evening but she got home about noon Saturday and 1st thing she did, right in line with Southern tradition, is give Howard a hug, I had warned him but he was still surprised.

We talked, we ate, we talked more, and of course in line with another great Southern tradition I treated Howard to his very 1st NASCAR race, live from Richmond! (Awww flitter! Keselowski won)

Among the exciting activities I undertook to entertain our houseguest were, burning a large pile of tree limbs, brush and clippings; move some large rocks with my nice new John Deere tractor; and water about 4000 sqft of Bermuda sod we just had put down....Thrills & chills!

Sadly time went too fast and Howard has to fly out of Tulsa tomorrow on the next leg of his travels before going home in 2 weeks.

One thing for sure, he is always welcome back and he needs to bring the wife.

Here we are sitting and enjoying race #26 from Richmond.



Awesome picture. But I guess conspiracy played its part in hiding the Big Fat Bellies perhaps ;)
Much less, Howard's Big Belly couldn't have dissolved so much from the time I met him almost four years back in India :lol:
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