Meeting training requirements for IATF


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I am looking for ideas to further meeting training requirements at our company. We have the org chart, position descriptions for employees a set of skill sets that go over the basics of lets say grinding. Employee matrix showing employee has been trained on the basic skill set of the job. The employee matrix shows the different job /work instructions the employee needs trained on. The issue we come to is that we have several customers each require grinding in different areas so we need to capture that they have had instruction and have ran that job. However, a separate training sheet for each employee for each job becomes alot of paperwork to keep up with. I am wondering how other companies are meeting this requirement.


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1. Vague thread title
2. "grinding in different areas" is clearly product specification, which has to be transferred into work instruction
Please read section of standard

You have to prepare separate work instruction for every single product, listing:
a) materials
b) toolings
c) machine parameters
d) processed area
e) method of processing
Merging them based on common elements, could be considered.
Matrix - "product A, B and E are grinded according to instruction P-034".


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Thank you, Sebastian I appreciate your reply. The matrix idea you added could give us something to consider to reduce the # of work instructions. I wanted to reach out and see if there were any ideas out there!


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in the initiation of system ; all initial Work instructions , relevant inspection forms, control plan, PFMEA should be complied with study; each item in control plan should be referenced with relevant FMEA & instruction codes; after finales the draft ; the training matrix should be amended as each task in control plan & instructions , the matrix hence should indicate the actual skill status , the training needs & evaluation the effectiveness should be identified according matrix status & vice versa
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