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As the title suggests, I am looking at merging two LOTs together for processing. Should I be submitting the two inspection reports seperately or merging the information together?

a. Our standard production part has two lots with x amount of defects that we want to return to supplier for rework, but for their ease, and ours, we merge the lots (and of course keep records of traceability to all the data now within that single merged lot). This supplier does plating and we measure post-plating. Should two different inspection reports be provided, or should the data be merged with the min/max values of the lots combined?


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It seems you have already defined your process to merge both LOTs, as you have mentioned. Have you had any problems so far or you want to make sure that this will not be a NC during an audit?
Also it makes sense to agree upon that with your supplier. If this is the best and easiest process for both of you, then I personally don't see a problem with this work flow. The input for your supplier remains the same in either scenario.

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As long as both are identified as required (physically as needed by your customer and industry and on documentation certainly) I see no reason for concern if your customers don't.
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